Alone Against the North

“Shoalts was no stranger to the wilderness. He had hacked his way through jungles and swamp, had stared down polar bears and climbed mountains. But one spot on the map called out to him irresistibly: the Hudson Bay Lowlands, a trackless expanse of muskeg and lonely rivers, caribou and wolf–an Amazon of the north, parts of which to this day remain unexplored. As Shoalts paddled downriver, he discovered a series of unmapped waterfalls that could easily have killed him. Just as astonishing was the media reaction when he got back to civilization. He was crowned ‘Canada{u2019}s Indiana Jones’ and was feted by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and congratulated by the Governor General. People were enthralled by Shoalts{u2019}s proof that the world is bigger than we think.”–From publisher description.