Baseballs Don’t Bounce

Are you feeling hopeless? Do you feel like happiness is a far-fetched idea and not something you’ll ever experience again? How great would it feel to have a little less anxiety in your life? Or be free of depression? Overcoming Fear & Depression Baseballs Don’t Bounce is full of ideas on how to help you in: – Getting self-help for depression – How to overcome fear – How to survive near-death experiences – Plus much more Forrest Willett has had real-life experience with traumatic brain injury recovery. And not just one, but two brain injuries… The first occurred when Forrest was two years old. After falling down a flight of stairs and landing head first on the concrete basement floor, he ended up in the hospital with a subdural haematoma. The doctors had to drill a hole in his skull to release the pressure from his brain. The second occurred in 2002 when Forrest was involved in a horrific car accident. He was a passenger and the driver lost control while talking on a cell phone. Following this near death experience, he was diagnosed with a catastrophic brain injury. Life can throw you curve balls, how you cope with those curve balls will make or break you. Following the second brain injury, Forrest was left with almost no hope of returning to his normal life. Feeling depressed and completely lost, it took him years to pick himself up and get back on track. If you, or your family, take just one thing from this book that helps YOU in your recovery and saves you from many months of frustration and depression, you will have made a giant steap towards securing your own happiness. Follow in Forrest’s footsteps and find ways to truly enjoy your life again, no matter what is thrown at you. Join him on his journey from hoplessness to happiness and discover how three simple words changed his life forever.