Beaucoup Trop de bagages!

Tamina prendra l’avion pour la toute première fois. Lorsque sa mère lui annonce qu’elle peut apporter une seule poupée, la fillette élabore un plan. Elle n’a pas l’intention de vivre ce grand jour sans ses petits compagnons de vol! Et quel émoi cause-t-elle dans l’avion! Mais bientôt, la fillette partage sans réserve ses innombrables trésors avec les autres enfants. Malgré quelques turbulences, ce vol devient pour Tamina et pour sa famille un événement heureux, d’autant plus que la générosité de la fillette sera soulignée d’une manière plutôt inattendue… Temina is excited about taking a trip on an airplane, and super-excited to include ALL of her toys and dolls on the trip as well. Until mom says: “You can bring just ONE doll.” Impossible! How is she going to pick just ONE? She hatches a top secret plan and sneaks more than one toy into the airport and onto the plane. While everyone around her gawks, Temina proudly displays her beloved companions. Word spreads quickly to other children on the plane, who feel lonely without their own dolls. Temina is happy to lend out her treasures. The flight becomes a happy memory for Temina and her family, and even more so months later when her generosity is rewarded in the most surprising way! Like Temina’s dolls bursting out of her backpack, this new story by Robert Munsch is bursting with humour and surprises at every turn, beautifully enhanced by the delightful artwork of Michael Martchenko! Original title: Too Much Stuff