Bitch Doctrine

Feminism has become mainstream in notable ways in recent years–from Beyonc�’s onstage declarations to Emma Watson’s feminist book club. Indeed, like all popular movements, it has been commodified too, including into a marketing angle. Laurie Penny’s clear voice rises above the pack, reminding us that under neoliberal capitalism, to be female is always to be exploited–that feminism is still a true liberation struggle, one connected to all struggles for equal rights and freedom. Deemed “thrilling,” “unapologetically polemical,” and “a breath of fresh air” by the Daily Beast , the New Yorker , and Bustle , Laurie Penny is on the frontlines. For years, in weekly columns in the New Statesman , she has delved into the social and cultural implications of breaking news, from elections to the new Star Wars movie. Drawing on this up-to-the-minute material, her informed, passionately argued book is an education, a welcome reminder, a call to arms.