Blood Covenant

Widow Hannah Kristan travels to Massachusetts to meet her late husband’s guardian, unaware she is being lured into a trap with her baby son. Once there, she discovers that, not only is the guardian dead, but neither is her husband, Adrian.Or is he?Jonathan Cravers lives a haunted half-life, a vampire cursed to subsist on innocent blood. Desperate to maintain the family line sworn to protect his hideous existence or face Hell’s punishment, he manipulates Hannah into an inescapable web of deception. Her discovery of the truth forces him to take drastic action, pushing her into a well of despondency she hasn’t the will to fight.Angela Marshall, Hannah’s cousin, possesses a psychic gift she considers a curse. A devout Christian, she struggles to deny her premonitions, but not when they reveal Hannah’s peril. Resolving to save her, she travels to Hannah’s side, confronting the master of her cousin’s torment. Only she perceives the evil lurking in Jonathan Cravers’ eyes.Is she strong enough to resist? Can her faith save her from the horror she sees?Nathanial Cravers, a theologian, arrives to investigate his family roots. Facing an impossible past, he is torn between the principles of his faith and allegiance to his ancestor.Together, he and Angela strive to help Jonathan come to terms with his condition and understand possibilities never considered before. But his conviction that only blessed blood can spare him may condemn Angela to a state more appalling than his own.Invisible to the mortal realm, angels, both celestial and fallen, battle for the human souls. But will their influences save or condemn the Cravers family?Which will prevail-the power of Heaven or Hell?Rated #5 on top 10 Christian Horror reads of 2009 “The writing pulsates with excitement…story lends itself well to the vampire/horror genre. The crosscutting of scenes and shifting between viewpoints is cinematic in nature…entertaining plot could easily appeal to a wide audience…characters are, individually and collectively, strong enough to command center stage throughout the novel…and engage the reader’s interest in wanting to know what will happen next.”Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards