Countdown to Danger: Bullet Train Disaster

30 dangerous paths. 30 minutes to escape. YOU choose the path to survive! You are strapped tightly into your seat on the bullet train. As it accelerates to top speed, a passenger slips out of his seat and begins to fall towards the back of the train. Do you unstrap yourself to save him, or do you stay in your seat? This is a thrilling action-packed survival choose your own adventure. Choose wrong and risk being: bitten by monster ticks, buried in an avalanche, transported into the past, run over by bandits, locked in a room by secret ops, zapped by a giant transformer, eaten by a bear, trapped in a sealed-off cave, or squashed by a train (among other unpleasant ends). Choose well – join the bandits and escape the avalanche by helicopter, or snowboard on scraps of wood to safety just ahead of the lava flow – and live to read another day.