Countdown to Danger: Shockwave

30 dangerous paths. 30 minutes to escape. YOU choose the path to survive! You are swimming though the ocean when an explosion rips out from the shoreline and a massive wave flings you close to a giant shark. The shark is stunned, but alive. You don’t have much time, and you need to get to shore. Do you keep swimming or do you climb onto the shark’s back and try to surf to shore? This is an edge-of-your-seat, seat-of-your-pants survival story. Make the wrong choice and risk being: eaten by a crocodile, flattened by a boulder, buried in sand, dragged into treetops while floating in a hot air balloon (made out of tents), crushed by a falling oil platform, swept away by a tsunami, overrun by zombies, flattened by a gum tree or the first to discover the blue wire was not the correct one to cut. Choose cleverly – escape by hovercraft, or by cutting the red wire instead- and live to choose your next awesome adventure.