Fear Street True Evil

Two sisters try out for the cheerleading squad only get drawn into a paranormal, murderous legacy in this harrowing teen horror trilogy from Goosebumps author R.L. Stine—now together in a collectible bind-up! Give me a D-I-E! Corky and Bobbi Corcoran want nothing more than to make the cheerleading squad at Shadyside High. But as soon as the sisters are named to the team, terrible things start happening to the cheerleaders. First, there’s a mysterious accident near the Fear Street cemetery. Soon after, piercing screams echo through empty school halls. And things only get more disturbing from there. Can Corky and Bobbi find out what’s going on before the entire squad is slain? Nothing is ever truly laid to rest on Fear Street, and the girls may lose more than they bargained for in their fight to survive. This chilling paperback bind-up includes: The First Evil The Second Evil The Third Evil