For AbomiNation

They’re laying off teachers at your child’s high school. The sex ed curriculum is right out of Father Knows Best. Health care workers are toast and folks who once worked with autistic kids are now Walmart greeters. Your local MPP has turned into a robot spouting whatever the Dear Leader tells her to. And trees and libraries are officially Public Enemies One and Two. But hey, you can go to your corner store and get beer for a buck, so who cares, right? Welcome to Doug Ford’s Ontario. So many things Ontarians have held sacred are under attack from the province’s new premier that sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh. That’s going to be slightly easier with a copy of Ford AbomiNation. Bestselling author Linwood Barclay’s satirical sendup of Ford Nation will put a smile on your face while you contemplate the end of everything that’s made Ontario such a great place to live.