Hope RX’D

Never Lose HopeMany people today are not living the lives they truly desire because of limiting beliefs of what they can or cannot achieve. These beliefs can be self imposed or imposed upon us by others. Within the pages of this book, you’ll find stories of people from around the world who have faced not only limiting beliefs, but physical challenges too. The strength of the human spirit is strong, particularly when coupled with the power of community. The stories in this book show how people not only deal with these challenges, but how people grow, adapt and move forward when they are surrounded by those who only want the best for them. That is the true strength in functional fitness… community and support. Hope RX’D celebrates the strength of the human spirit. Not only is it about optimisim, triumphs and sorrows, but it’s also a behind the scenes look at what happens inside a functional fitness community. A Story to Share…When reading this book, you’ll find someone to lean on, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud and then crying tears of empathy and joy the minute you turn the page. Learn how to find inspiration in the smallest of triumphs today. Grab your own copy of Hope RX’d and take the journey with us.