King Pig

What’s a king to do? King Pig is grand ruler of the sheep. He can make them do whatever he wants (clean his castle), whenever he wants (the middle of the night). But for some reason, he can’t seem to make them like him. Until he has a brilliant idea! King Pig marches all the sheep into his castle and sets them to work dyeing, cutting and knitting their wool into a pile of fancy new clothes. He prances out in his spectacular, intricate, rainbow-bright fashions expecting applause and adulation, but . . . NOTHING! The sheep are so preoccupied with themselves (could it be that they’re naked and cold without their wool?) that they don’t even notice him! What’s a king to do? When King Pig finally thinks of a way to make amends, it may not be perfect — but it’s a pretty good start. Nick Bland’s playful, wonderfully humorous illustrations will leave kids and parents grinning, even as they share an important lesson about treating others the way they would like to be treated.