Have you ever wanted to be good at reading people? Do you often feel that analyzing people and knowing what they want is your ultimate superpower?Well, if you do, you’ll be surprised and happy to know that it’s no superpower at all. It’s very possible. That is down to Mentality.This book provides a way to make your dream of knowing what people secretly want come true.Mentalism can seem intimidating when starting. We understand how frustrating it can be. This book presents you with all the tricks and skills you need to be a mentalist. You also get to know the various ways you can use those skills to make a nice income for yourself.It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about mentalism. This book will teach you how to drive people to success and be the leader they look for. The various techniques and strategies laid out in this book are tried and tested on many different people in different situations..In the book you will learn: Basics in MentalismMentalism and TelepathyTop Qualities of a Mentalistthe Art of Cold ReadingHow Reliable are Body LanguagesHow to Read People’s Minds EffectivelyHow to Detect a Liar within SecondsThe Unspoken Words of a HandshakeThe Magic of a SmileSignals and Gestures that Signal CourtshipHow to Use Non-Verbal Cues to Influence and Read PeopleMind Reading TricksThis book is absolutely packed with easy step-by-step instructions so you can succeed in your new mentalist career and improve your communication skills.”We all have secrets. Most of them are quite unremarkable once revealed” – Patrick Jane