Midland’s Silent Book Club

Have you ever thought that book clubs sound fun, but you wish you could read your own books? Now you can! Organized by Carolyn Anne, a local Midland resident, this is Midland’s first Silent Book Club.

Join us on Saturday, April 6th for Midland’s FIRST Silent Book Club meeting! We will be meeting at Test Batches Brewery (476 Hugel Ave, Midland ON) from 1-3pm.

There’s no assigned reading! You bring the book you want to read and read with the rest of us. The first half of the meeting is the “silent” part where we all get to read our own books. If you’d like, you can order drinks and snacks from Test Batches while you read. The second half, is all about mingling and talking to people about the event (this is optional if you’re shy!)

Want more information? You can ask questions or find more info at their facebook page.

This event is free to attend, so bring a friend!