Power House

The bestselling author of The Ripple Effect shows you easy ways to boost your energy, fight inflammation and optimize your health–cell by cell Your body is constantly rebuilding, depending on what you do, eat and even think. Every six months, over 98% of the cells in your body are new; it’s like getting a new brain and body twice a year! At the core of every cell are mitochondria, the “energy factories” that power the cells. In his new book, Powerhouse, Greg Wells shows you simple yet revolutionary ways to heal and boost your mitochondria, repairing and improving your whole body. These methods include practicing quick and easy breathing exercises, taking new supplements and avoiding the use of technology that can damage your mitochondria. As a result, you will feel less tired, experience better moods and increase your hormonal health. Based on groundbreaking science, including Wells’s own leading research at the Hospital for Sick Children, Powerhouse is packed with sensible and practical advice, giving you the tools to improve the overall health of every single cell.