Sins of the Family

It wasn’t until I had finally made something of my life that I realised I hadn’t ever escaped Gran completely. I felt hollow and incomplete. To be totally free, I needed to understand why she behaved the way she did.’Felicity grew up with her single mum and grandparents in a tiny house in Scarborough. Her dad lived nearby but she was never allowed to meet his family. It was the first secret of many. Another was her Gran’s violence towards her, and the psychological abuse that blighted her childhood. All Felicity knew was that Gran’s mother had gone to prison, and that her grandmother’s suffering somehow excused everything. When Felicity researched her family history, she was led back to the shocking truth about her great-grandmother Emily Swann, a brutalised wife hung for murdering her husband. Emily’s children were shamed, the family broken apart, the tragedy impacting on generations to come. Could Felicity finally break free of the damaging cycle, and lay the past to rest?