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The Measure of a Man

FINALIST – Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Non-Fiction (2012) FINALIST – Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction (2012) FINALIST – Governor General’s Literary Award – Non-Fiction (2012) FINALIST – BC Book Prize’s Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize (2012) A son’s decision to alter his father’s last surviving suit for himself is the launching point for…

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Dance, Gladys, Dance

27-year-old Frieda Zweig is at an impasse. Behind her is a string of failed relationships and half-forgotten ambitions of being a painter. Then, a classified ad in the local paper introduces Frieda to Gladys, an elderly woman who long ago gave up on her dreams of being a dancer. The catch? Gladys is a ghost.

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Saints and Misfits

Fifteen-year-old Janna Yusuf, a Flannery O’Connor-obsessed book nerd and the daughter of the only divorced mother at their mosque, tries to make sense of the events that follow when her best friend’s cousin–a holy star in the Muslim community–attempts to assault her at the end of sophomore year.

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