The Color Red

When they find Rollo Novak and his wife Katrina their bodies are nude, hanging side-by-side next to their pool… murdered. Enter Detective Lieutenant Ivy Bourque and her forensic team. It’s not going to be an easy case to solve. There are no DNA samples of anyone but the victims at the crime scene, and only footprints to show that anyone else had been there. The butler, a Slovene like Novak, heard and saw nothing. The victims appear to be blameless. But is Novak a secret oligarch? Were he and his wife killed by multiple murderers? The footsteps seem to suggest so. Novak’s business partner Karlos Vega is one suspect. But how would he benefit from Novak’s death? And then there is Novak’s son Atlas, who does benefit, but has an airtight alibi. Bourque encounters many suspects, including Novak’s ex-wife and a pair of ex-pats from the old country, but none of them have a motive. Why would someone want to kill the benevolent rich man without an enemy in the world?