The Little Rippers 2

After a fun weekend in Vermont, Max and Molly Beckett are looking forward to their next reunion with the skiing kids group, the Little Rippers. So, when their friend Jenna invites all of the Little Rippers to COLORADO for some steep powder skiing, both Max and Molly pack their bags. Accompanied by their Grandpa, Max and Molly marvel at the big mountains of the West, and the woolly bullies they meet along the way. However, when they arrive at Big Grizzly Mountain for slope side skiing, Jenna’s big sister, Jackie, challenges them to a mountain race. The Little Rippers will have to rely on a trail mail to get them down the slope…and fast. But, a mysterious “X” marks the spot on Max’s map, and the Rippers find themselves embarking on an exciting all-mountain adventure. What will the Little Rippers discover on Big Grizzly Mountain? And what does the magical “X” on the trail map mean? Join the fun as the LITTLE RIPPERS find out the meaning of friendship and family… both on and off the slopes.