The Resistance Man

Bruno Courreges-provincial French police chief extraordinaire-is back in another tale of mystery and suspense in the gastronomically ravishing Dordogne countryside, the sixth in the internationally bestselling series. A veteran of the French Resistance has died, and among his possessions are documents that connect him to a notorious Second World War-era train robbery. A former British spymaster’s estate is burgled, the latest in a spree of expert thefts. An academic’s home is broken into just as she is finishing a revelatory book on France’s nuclear-weapons program. An antiques dealer is found brutally murdered, and his former lover, the number-one suspect, is on the run. It’s just another summer in St. Denis for Bruno, who must balance a multitude of demands on his time and expertise-including the complex affections of two powerful women; town politics; his irrepressible puppy, Balzac; and nights entertaining friends and visitors with sumptuous repasts-with a new focus on the mounting crime wave. Bruno begins to suspect the seemingly unrelated events are linked, and his search for clues about crimes old and new leads to stunning revelations about both his country’s history and his own, putting several more lives-including Bruno’s-in grave danger. In a thrilling denouement that proves the past is never really past, Bruno fights to secure the future of his beloved community and those he cares about most. As charming and compelling as its hero, The Resistance Man offers fresh joys for loyal Bruno readers and newcomers to this beloved mystery series alike.