Tom Gates 2 Excellent Excuses

Tom Gates, master of excuses, expert doodler and hilarious story writer is back — and making the most of his holiday! No school for two whole weeks leaves Tom with tons of time for the important things in life. He can forget all about school and the irritating Marcus Meldrew, and save his energy for the good stuff! Stuff like: inventing new ways to annoy his sister Delia (so many); band practice for the Dogzombies (rock stars in the making!); watching TV and eating caramel wafers; eating caramel wafers and watching TV. Excellent. Of course, he still has to do his book report for Mr. Keen… Full of Tom’s honest, silly, laugh-out-loud funny scribbles and stories — and a doodle-filled glossary to help Canadian kids make sense of British terms (what IS a caramel wafer, anyway?) — this follow-up to the Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner The Brilliant World of Tom Gates is guaranteed to have readers in stitches!